Barcelona Día 2

The second day on our trip to Barcelona has now become the most iconic moment in my life. On this particular day, I got to visit FC Barcelona’s stadium, Camp Nou! Although we struggled a bit at first due to the fact we had to go pick up our actual tickets in the city of Barcelona all of it was washed away the moment I dropped off my backpack and made my way into the stadium. As soon as we took the first pictures my heart started to race out of control because of all my excitement. I got to see the trophy room, the players dressing room and shower, the press room, and the inside of the stadium from the highest level to the lower level. Sitting in the stadium seats was emotionally intense and I am not embarrassed to say that it almost brought some tears. Although, the most incredible moment of the tour came when I got the opportunity to lift the actual Champions League Cup and raise it high in the sky as if I just had won the entire tournament! That’s a feeling I will never forget ever in my entire life! To complete my dream I have a goal of coming back soon to attend a game but not just any game, El Clásico!


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