Seville’s Heat!

Before heading to Sevilla, I was warned about the extreme heat that envelopes the city. All was true as the day of my tour the weather was around 95 degrees which, by looking at the weather, was not so bad since in a couple of days the whether would reach up to 107 degrees. The tour I attended lasted a great amount of time starting from 10am and ending at 6:30pm. Although it did become really exhausting from the heat and the walking I got to see many sites throughout the neighborhood. I visited the alcázar, la torre de oro (where the gold that was brought from the americas was kept), the bullring, and an incredible boat ride that demonstrated the four bridges in Sevilla and their different arquitectural designs. After the tour colluded I visited a tablao, a place where people dance the flamenco sevillano, and it was beautiful to see professionals dance right in front of me. One can totally see the passion and hard work that goes into learning such a style of dance which has its origins through the gypsie culture.


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